Our Mission

The Mission Statement for the DMA

DMA’s mission is to care for the common property, providing such services as are necessary for its maintenance, enhancement, and peaceful and responsible enjoinment.  Ensure adherence to the deed restrictions governing the privately-owned properties in Douglas Manor.  To take other appropriate action to sustain and improve the quality of life in Douglas Manor.

The Organization
The Douglas Manor Association, Inc (“DMA”) was founded in 1906. It is made up of all property owners within Douglas Manor (currently 595 households) and is led by a 15-member volunteer board of directors elected by the membership at its annual meeting. Its officers are elected by the Board.

Many of the operations of the DMA are overseen by Committees.  Under the Bylaws, the Standing Committees are:  Audit, Finance, Grounds, Legal, Membership, Memorial Field, Pier and Beach, Properties and Security.  In addition, the Board may appoint other Committees as deemed necessary or advisable. Its officers are elected by the Board. Yearly dues, for the purpose of maintaining the common property, are mandatory and are payable in full April 1 of each year.

The names of the board members, officer and committees are available here.

These are some of the responsibilities of the DMA:
  1. Care for Common Property
  2. Enforcement of Deed Restrictions
  3. Provide Security and Insurance
  4. Advocate
  5. Communicate and Inform
  6. Financial Management

1. Care for Our Collectively Owned Common Property – The shoreline, dock, mooring field (which members can use to keep boats, kayaks, canoes), Memorial Field and Playground, and shared green spaces make up the common properties. The DMA cares for the common property by providing services as are necessary for its maintenance, enhancement, and peaceful and responsible enjoyment. In support of this mandate, the DMA employs two year-
round employees: an Office Manager, and a Grounds Foreman.

We have an office on Douglaston Parkway, in the Community Church of Douglaston, and a maintenance facility on Sandhill Road, often called the "Barn". In addition, a number of seasonal employees -Dockmaster, Gatekeepers, Lifeguards, and grounds keepers.

2. Ensure Adherence to Deed Restrictions – These covenants, listed on the deed restriction page, run with the land, and agreeing to purchase your home is legal acceptance of these restrictions. Douglas Manor is wholly within the Douglaston Historic District. All work done to the exterior of homes and the property it sits on, including trees, must be approved by the DMA and NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission(LPC) prior to the start of any work. In addition, owners will likely need further approval from the NYC Department of Buildings and other agencies as appropriate. The DMA and the Douglaston and Little Neck Historical Society offer free guidance through the process of complying with the LPC and other issues related to living in an historic district. We urge you to contact either before you start your project to avoid costly mistakes. Adherence to our Deed Restrictions and Landmark Law is important for maintaining the unique character of Douglas Manor.

3. Provide Security and Insurance – DMA hires and supervises a private company to patrol our neighborhood daily. The DMA collaborates with NYPD on issues of importance to our residents. It also maintains insurance for our common properties.

4. Advocate – In a continuing effort to maintain Douglas Manor’s fair share of City and State services, the DMA represents the community in dealing with various government agencies, elected officials, and local organizations. Some of the groups the DMA works with are: New York City and New York State service providers and government officials, local NYPD Community Policing Officers, Douglas Manor Environmental Association (DMEA), Alley Pond
Environmental Center (APEC), Douglaston and Little Neck Historical Society (DLNHS), Douglaston Club, Douglaston Garden Club, Douglaston Civic Association, Douglaston Local Development Corporation (They manage the train station area.), Community Board 11, Woman’s Club of Douglaston, local schools and PTAs. The DMA continually strives to improve the quality of life for all members.

5. Communicate and Inform – The DMA welcomes and educates new members. It maintains an office which receives member calls and visits, holds our vital records, and works to facilitate the requirements of our By-Laws, publishes four newsletters per year (Manor Matters, DMA eNewsletter, special reports), and dispatches e-newsletters to announce community news and upcoming events. The DMA also holds town halls and other meetings to keep members informed.

6. Financial Management – The DMA manages and budgets income/expenses, oversees the collection of dues, assists our outside accounting firm during their annual hard audit, maintains a reserve study which allows for the planning of future spending needs, ensures the DMA has sufficient funds to maintain property owned by the membership, and performs the work set forth by DMA By-Laws. Our finances are transparent. You may view our records at any time by calling the office for an appointment with our Treasurer.