DMA Proposal Checklist

Please be advised that the Bylaws of the Douglas Manor Association (DMA) require the DMA Properties Committee to monitor adherence to DMA legally binding Deed Restrictions.

All applications for proposed alterations that may impact deed restrictions such as additions, new buildings, new outbuildings, changes to roof lines or to house frontage on lot, the installation of fencing or retaining walls and sanitation facilities must be submitted to the DMA and the NYC LPC for review.

The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (NYC LPC) will not issue permits for alterations
described above without a determination letter from the DMA. 

Please provide the DMA office with the documents listed below. Digital copies of the requested
documents must be emailed to: and [email protected]

____A dated letter addressed to the DMA Properties Committee with the following information:
  • Property owner name and contact information (telephone number, mailing and email address)
  • Address of property where work is proposed
  • Architect name and contact information (if applicable)
  • Bulleted summary description of the scope of work
  • List of supporting documents that have been provided to the DMA (i.e., file names).
  • If applicable, a plot plan showing proposed location of buildings and sanitation facilities shall be submitted to the Secretary, Douglas Manor Association, for approval before construction is begun.

____Current, official, dated site survey

____Site plan drawings
  • Existing plot plan with setback measurements to property lines
  • Proposed plot plan with setback measurements to property lines

Digital copies of the letter and supporting documents must be emailed to: [email protected]

After the complete package has been received, the DMA Properties Committee will review your proposal.

The Committee may contact the property owners and/or project architect with questions or clarifications as needed during the review.